Johann Bisesti’s work doesn’t appeal to the retina, but what sits behind it. This is partly due to his "rejection" of every type of digital eye candy he is confronted with. It is also due to his sense of space and time. Sometimes one feels as if one has been transported into Godard’s ‘Breathless’, sometimes the eye wonders as if it were in a museum over the landscapes of beautiful and mysterious faces. Bisesti comes up with new ways of expressing himself, because he isn’t a slave to trends. He is an advocate of pure photography, his tools are the analogue, black and white and everything beautiful in between.

Bisesti’s career began in 1969. Born to French Swiss parents he grew up between  South of France, Paris and the Alps. To shoot, he has travelled to Paris, London, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Milan and Mexico City,  He is currently based in Berlin.